Since its founding, USABAND has earned its reputation as a great quality manufactured, one-of-a-kind. USABAND’s success is grounded in the company’s dedication to the success of its clients.

USABAND provides application engineering services for customers in any industry to understand and specify our quality solutions and products. With over 70 years of experience in stainless steel clamping, banding, bundling, fastening, and identification solutions, our engineers can modify standard clamping systems or develop new solutions for your specific project needs. From customized clamp selection to in-depth field testing and training, USABAND’s engineered applications team can meet the exact requirements for your specialized needs.

USABAND clamps have been designed and manufactured to clamp, manage cable, identify and insulate for dozens of applications worldwide. USABAND products deliver the robust performance and durability essential to harsh duty, mission-critical applications in traditional and emerging industries.

USABAND combines application-specific engineering with a storied tradition of manufacturing excellence to provide durable, tailored solutions to all customers worldwide. USABAND products can be found in many applications ranging from rockets, rovers, and satellites in outer space all the way to the bottom of the ocean, and we’re just getting started!



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Graphic design graduate with nine years of sales experience in the real estate sector and energy sector, architectural, graphic, editorial and web projects. Successful leadership of marketing campaigns and responsibility for budgeting and the growth of large accounts. Exceptional interpersonal skills with
customers and problem solving.



At USABAND, we’re interested in designing the best fastening solution that reduces risk and maximizes performance in order to produce the necessary longevity.


Involvement in and amazing support of the customer are at the heart of our company.


USABAND commitment to great green manufactured and sustainability is long-standing.

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